Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Time Before Thought

All creation begins at the time before thought! I get it now. I do not know where it comes from, but I get it. I pretty much got it before, but now I understand on another levelless of a concrete, cause and effect kind of understanding.

What exactly is the time before thought? I am not sure; intention perhaps. A combination of energy, light, and direction. For me it is a full body sensation. Not only do I feel it everywhere, I feel complete and as though I can create anything. It is a magical state I feel blessed to experience almost any time I choose.

In the time before thought there is only full potential. A beautiful and sometimes frightening state where I am free to express my thoughts as reality. It is clear to me that the manifestation of a specific reality comes from my thoughts. I can see how I create everything in my life. What you put your energy into multiplies! Our thoughts guide (perhaps dictate is a better word) our actions as well as drawing to us all of the things that fit with what we believe about ourselves and the world. 

I was chatting with a friend a couple of weeks ago about my new job and how much I like it. I was describing my research project and I suddenly realized that I had felt this feeling before. Everything seemed familiar because I created it. I consciously imagined it into existence. It is exactly what I imagined while cycling this summer. The type of work, the feeling I have at work, the environment, the potential I have there is everything I played out in my head a couple of months ago. I have been giggling to myself at my good fortune and quietly waiting for the honeymoon to end, but now I am thinking that maybe it wont end because that wasnt part of my plan. This job is either one of a couple of jobs I have been looking for - both in the type of work and the degree of permanence - or it will lead to it. I am working in an area that is in need of creative driven people and I have recently begun networking with a bunch of people who are doing what I am doing or are decision-makers in the field. If this employer does not pan out, I will almost certainly find another through the contacts I am building. It is very exciting to watch things follow a consciously predetermined path.

Anyway, I see I just made it concrete and cause-effect. I will work on language that works…as frustrating as that is.

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